Pretty, Pretty, Preeeeeetty …

Conceited? Nope. Narcissistic? Na-uh. Materialistic? Wrong. Mean spirited or evil? Mm-mm. I’ll tell you what I am… unapologetically appreciative of snappy female blogs, and a self-proclaimed “dayum girl” when I look in the mirror. God made me beautiful. And so are you. God made me quirky, witty and a little fiery. Maybe you are too. We are on this seemingly horrid, yet wondrous, Earth for a limited time, assigned various missions meant to further the Kingdom and spread LOVE; but no where does it say workers must be bored, boring and don plain clothing. “Thou shalt hate color, jewelry and fancy hair, amongst other evils . Let such blasphemies be cast out of your mind and view, lest your soul suffer eternally”. Chile, please. Let us produce fruits in humility, joy, and laughter, with color and aura bursting from us! Nah for real though, I’m just a Godgirl who likes fab **** and I want to share all that I come across in life and on the web with the rest of you JesusFreaks who like fab ****, too. Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t “do you, boo”. Well, unless it’s God, of course. *cheese*


Whatchu Gotta Say?

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