Sparkle and Shine!

Modest fashion blogger, Carmen Loe, shows you how:  Sparkle and Shine!.

Red & leopard & flats , OH MY! You better work it, girl!


“Trendy Modest Clothing for Women”

And enter Junie Blake, an online shop started by a few women who were just plain tired of needing to purchase coverups along with most of the dresses they bought. I certainly dig that.

Check the preview below and make your way to the website.:
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DIY, man.

Glitter ‘N Glue! Oh yes, this lady does her thing. I ran into this blog while looking for fellow fashion/style WordPressers. I’m not a big DIY’er, but I’m certain I will be veddi veddi soon…

FLORALSBrocade Jacket$50| Floral Crew$16| Brocade Pant$34| Metallic Oxfords$45| Crystal Earrings $13

Because I know my glam readers love the glitter just as much as y’all do the glue, here are a few fab fashion finds under $50 just in time for Spring. I mean metallic oxfords?!?!? YES PLEASE!!!!! The floral top is Joe Fresh and I’m loving their entire collection for JCPenney’s. There is lots of fun to be had for under $50 like this… and these… oh and this. Enjoy!

Photo by Vince Trupsin the great

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Modest Fashionista Feature Week

Ok so, it is Tuesday… and I originally wrote this post on Sunday. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Read on…

E-lo, Dearies 🙂 I hope you all had – and still are having- a fabulous, blessed Sunday! I surely am: all cozied up to Hubster on the couch after a wonderful service this afternoon at CapCityDC. Yum Yum.

Any who, this week will be focused on modest fashion. I’m scouring IG, YT, Twitter and the web (should that be capitalized?) for style/fashion bloggers keeping it tight… and RIGHT. And I’ll be sharing each and everyone I come across with you!

If you know someone you think should be featured or you want to be featured, send me a pic/info/website/twitter or whatever!

Read Your Nails!

Fun, fun tutorial from style blogger blakevond‘s website, I’m going to attempt this this weekend – show you mine, you show me yours! I urge you to keep up with this style dutchess on IG, Twitter and FB.

I heart this shade of pink. Easter!


Creator, Creativity, Create…

And Areeayl Goodwin IS DAT, GOT DAT, DO DAT.​ Designer and founder of BeadsbyAree, she created those super-fly earrings worn by beauty blogger beautybylee in my “D**n Instagram” post. I beg of you, check her inventory at You can also find Miss Goodwin on Twitter, FB & IG.

IG is putting me on y’all! WE BE ‘GRAMMIN! (in my Ice Cube voice)