Hey, Ladiiiies! (Young Ladies)

Project Inspired

Check out Modest is Hottest – a weekly feature by T.M. Gaouette on projectinspired.com that highlights the hottest modest outfits celebrities have recently been spotted in!  PI is on all the necessary social platforms – Twitter, FB, Instagram, Pinterest – so if you likey be sure to keep up! Read more about the Founder, Nicole Weider, here!

Though I can say seems to be like, a religious Seventeen magazine/Facebook mashup or something of the sort, and I think it MIGHT be something really great for young ladies to be put on to (especially if they are christian or religious or whatever), the site just fell into my lap like 2 minutes ago while I was browsing/shopping the internet, so I haven’t given it a good look over yet – AND THAT MEANS I don’t necessarily support any messages or advice presented. I am blogging this solely for the modest fashion aspect. I most certainly do encourage you to check it out for yourself!

Click de links, people! (No, I will not receive any money if you do.)


All Day, Ery Day until the Summer hits…

Ok, ok, just the weekends. I need my job. And speaking of jobs (low-paying jobs like mine),  my bank account is approaching overdraft just looking at these prices – but it is completely necessary to cop that MK watch. As for the rest… TO THE BATCA… *ahem*, MARSHALLS!

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